What's Standing in Rio's Way?

State department says Brazilian crime rate four times higher than U.S.

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    Few cities are more beautiful, or more dangerous: Rio de Janeiro.

    On the one hand, there's picturesque vistas and beaches. On the other, there's the immense slums and the very public shoot-outs between gang members and police.

    Why Rio?

    [CHI] Why Rio?
    Few cities are more beautiful, or more dangerous, but many believe that Rio de Janeiro is Chicago's biggest competitor for the 2016 Summer Games. (Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2009)

    Yet many believe Rio to be Chicago's toughest competitor for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Why?

    Mostly because the country regularly hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors without incident, and those events have proved to be valuable training for the Olympic Games.

    What Does Rio Have That We Don't?

    [CHI] What Does Rio Have That We Don't?
    Rio de Janeiro may be one of the world's most beautiful cities, but what does it offer as an Olympic venue? (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    Brazil's Consul general said more than 2 million tourists flock to the country twice a year: during New Year Eve and Carnival. Most of them go home without ever having a problem.

    The International Olympic Committee is well aware of Rio's crime problem and noted it in a recent report, but it said recent social programs and community policing efforts appear to be paying dividends.