Today in Bears Bromance: Martz Calls Cutler Everything But Sexy

Bears Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz continues to heap loving praise on his quarterback Jay Cutler.

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    The Bears Bromance continues with Mike Martz extolling the virtues and qualities of QB Jay Cutler (Published Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010)

    Mike Martz wants everyone to know how special he thinks Jay Cutler is. Just ask Mike Martz.

    "I just wish all of you could know him like I know him right now," Martz said Tuesday at Halas Hall.  "I know this sounds syrupy and sappy, and all that garbage, but every day that I get to know him as a man and as a player, he's pretty unusual now, he's got great character and class and dignity with the players, the profession." 

    Martz went on to reveal exactly what made Cutler so attractive...uh, as a quarterback. When queried about Cutler getting sacked five times in the first half of their second preseason game, Martz reassured the assembled media.

    "He's brilliant. Not smart, he's brilliant."  Impressive coming from the man also known as a genius in football circles.  "It's so much fun to come to work and work with him and putting this stuff in."