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Former 310 Pound Man to Tackle Marathon



    Former 310 Pound Man to Tackle Marathon
    Andrew Wickwire

    Two years ago, Andrew Wickwire weighed 310 pounds. Next week, he'll run a marathon.

    He says it was a picture of himself that motivated him to change his life.

    "I looked at it, and I was like, 'Whoa, that's ugly, dude, that's big. I'm big."

    He says he slowly started lifing weights, changing his diet, and running with his little brother.

    "We both finished the (first) mile and thought, "This is terrible. We were not thinking about a marathon," Wickwire said.

    He says the first big accomplishment came when he was able to finish the first 10 mile run. And then he did 20 miles.

    "It's a lifestyle, you know. And I hate the fact that people live that lifestyle where they can't imagine doing it. They can do it," he said.

    Now he laughs about the abs that he has, which he says have been in hibernation for 21 years, and looks forward to completing the 26.2 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

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