Ozzie Guillen Is Wrong About Japanese Players, Say White Sox

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    The White Sox say Ozzie's opinions are his own and the team's.

    If Ozzie Guillen's going down for his latest rant, the first-place White Sox aren't going with him.

    After hearing the Oz's claims that Japanese MLB players are treated better than Latinos, the Sox released a statement saying "The Chicago White Sox believe his views are incorrect". Yes, it pretty much sounds like the organization threw their manager under the bus.
    Ozzie's major beef is that Japanese players are given interpreters, whereas Spanish-speaking ballers are not. Only problem? It's inaccurate. The Sox provide English language classes and a variety of programs to help these guys acclimate to English culture. And that's not all. They have a "Spanish-speaking staff specifically assigned to serve as liaisons for our Latin American players."
    White Sox-1. Ozzie-0.