Derrick Rose on the SAT: "I Took It, I Took It"

Rose is the only person who fits that description, but he insisted no one took the test for him.

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    Derrick Rose swears he took the test.

    Derrick Rose reiterated Friday during Bulls Media Day at the Berto Center that he took the SAT exam to get into Memphis and dismissed the idea that someone did so in his place.

    "I took it, I took it," Rose said Friday.

    The NBA's Rookie of the Year last season, Rose found himself at the center of a scandal over the summer when the NCAA ruled that Memphis must vacate its 38 wins and national championship game appearance during the 2007-08 season for using an ineligible player. The school is appealing the ruling.

    The NCAA said an unknown person took the SAT for a player — with his knowledge — and that the player used it to get admitted. The governing body said the athlete played for the Tigers only during the 2007-08 season and the 2008 NCAA tournament. Rose is the only person who fits that description, but he insisted no one took the test for him.

    "That's for sure," he said.

    A former No. 1 draft pick, Rose has emerged as one of the league's top young players and helped his hometown team get back to the playoffs after missing the postseason the previous year. He led all rookies last season with 6.3 assists per game and was second in scoring average at 16.8, thanks to quickness and strength that allowed him to burst past defenders.

    But as smooth as his transition to the NBA was, his offseason was just as bumpy.

    An Internet photo surfaced with him flashing a gang sign, and Rose apologized for that. The violations at Memphis were another hit.

    "I wasn't worried about anybody saying I didn't take it," he said. "If that's the case, somebody would have then said it."

    Rose couldn't recall his score, saying, "I don't even remember my last report card."

    All that matters to him now is how he and his teammates grade out once the season starts.

    Despite all the accolades last season, Rose said he would give himself just a "C," which shows how hard he is on himself. As explosive as he is, he realized he needed to work on his defense and jumper over the summer, particularly with leading scorer Ben Gordon gone to Detroit.