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"Chrissy" Pronger Doesn't Do Skirts

Chicago Tribune puts lady's legs on Flyers defenseman's body



    (Published Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

    Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Pronger does not dress in women's clothing or even parade around in a kilt.  At least that's what can be assumed from his reaction to a poster that hit Chicago newstands Tuesday.

    In the full-page poster that was part of Tuesday's issue, the Chicago Tribune dubbed the burly Canadian "Chrissy" and Photoshopped a woman figure skater's legs below his waist.

    It was accompanied with the line "Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane."

    NBC Philadelphia sports anchor John Clark tried to ask #20 how he felt about the poster during a post-practice press conference, but Pronger wanted nothing of it.

    "I don't read what you guys write, good or bad," he said.

    As Clark pressed to find out if such a depiction gets him fired up on the ice, Pronger appeared angry.

    "Next question, next question, next question," he said, his voice getting progressively louder.

    He finally answered the question with: "I really couldn't tell ya."

    "Chrissy" isn't the first Philly sports figure to be womanized. During last year's run for the World Series, centerfielder Shane Victorino was fused to a cheerleader's body by the New York Post.

    He was much more enthused by the whole thing: "I think it's awesome," he said at the time.

    Pitcher Pedro Martinez's head was also dropped on the body of a baby after he had a poor showing against the Yankees in the same series.

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