Blackhawks Stars Need a Nickname

Top Line Scoring Goals Without a Catchy Moniker

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    Every great squad needs a great nickname: The Vikings had the Purple People Eaters, The Oakland A's had the Bash Brothers, Lakers had Showtime.  So now the Blackhawks top line needs your help.

    Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Dustin Byfuglien, the Blackhawks top line, have combined for 14 goals since teaming up in the series against the Canucks.  Toss in a combined 34 points and you have one potent offense.  What they don't have is a nickname to match their stat line.

    Individually, each possesses their own moniker.  Toews is "Captain Serious."  Byfuglien is known as "Big Buff." And Kaner is called "The Doctor" by his teammates.  Collectively, though they've got nothing.  

    We could use initials, but TBK or JDP just sounds like some ambiguous corporation, not the most talked about line in the NHL. (See initials aren't working even for Hockey.) 

    Maybe "Rough, Tough and Buff?"  Buff works, the others, well the Hawks two 20-something superstars aren't known for Rough and Tough.

    So please, send us some suggestions,

    We know one nickname they can't wait to have, "Stanley Cup Champs."