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2013 Chicago Marathon Training Tips

The 2013 race is Sunday, Oct. 13

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    NBC Chicago and our friends at Honda want to help you prepare for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

    Watch the NBC 5 NEWS and check back on this page each week for a new tip offered by the NBC 5 Fitness Team, Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski and many other notables throughout the training season!

    Happy running!

    WEEK 18: Mike Adamle talks with executive race director Carey Pinkowski about sticking to what you did during training as the marathon nears.


    WEEK 17: Carey Pinkowski, the executive director of the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, talks about the security that runners and spectators will encounter on race day.


    WEEK 16: Motivation and inspirattion to run the Marathon are the themes that Mike Adamle touches upon this week.


    WEEK 15: Mike Adamle talks with Advocate Health dietitian Barbara Melendi about the importance of the correct amount of Carbohydrates in your training diet.


    WEEK 14: Mike Adamle talks with Gatorade spokesperson Katie Montiel about what products will be available along the marathon course this year.


    WEEK 13: Mike Adamle talks with running coach Bill Leach about the benifits of negative split training.


    WEEK 12: Mike Adamle talks with nutritionist Barbara Melendi about the benefits of proper nutrition while training for the marathon.


    WEEK 11: Mike Adamle talks with former Olympian Jenny Spangler about how to recover and maintain your training between your long training runs.


    WEEK 10: Mike Adamle talks with marathon medical director Dr. George Chiampas about what you should do if you experience chronic pain while training.


    WEEK 9: Mike Adamle talks with Rachael Sierminski of Chicago Endurance Sports about using Yoga as a training technique for the marathon.


    WEEK 8: Mike Adamle talks with Ally Lofgren of Chicago Endurance Sports about core training and offers a few exercises to improve core strength.


    WEEK 7: Mike Adamle talks with Nancy Fudacz, Dir. of Performance Training at East Bank Club about the importance and benefits of Cross Training in preparing for the big race.


    WEEK 6: Mike Adamle talks with Nike Pace team Captain Paul Miller on how pacers can help you meet your marathon goals.


    WEEK 5: Mike Adamle talks with marathon medical director Dr. George Chiampas on the importance of staying hydrated in training and while running the marathon.


    WEEK 4: Mike Adamle talks with Wendy Jaehn, executive director of CARA, on the benefits of group training for the marathon.


    WEEK 3: Mike Adamle talks with elite Women's runner Tera Moody about her history and connection with The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and why she likes to run in Chicago.


    WEEK 2: Mike Adamle talks with NBC's Biggest Loser Winner Danni Allen about running the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon through the Charities Program.


    WEEK 1: There are a couple of things runners need to do before they even begin training for the Bank of Chicago Marathon. Mike Adamle and Carey Pinkowski explain.