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Quinn Blasts Brady for Suggesting Minimum Wage Cut

Illinois' minimum wage goes up to $8.25 this week



    Dollar, dollar, dollar bill y'all.

    Gov. Pat Quinn on Monday criticized his Republican opponent for suggesting the minimum wage should be lower.

    The state's minimum wage is set to go up to $8.25 Thursday. State Sen. Bill Brady said last week it should be in line with the federal wage -- $7.25.

    "I disagree with trying to elevate the minimum wage above the federal level," he said. "The federal level is a competitive level, competing with neighboring states. We are losing jobs because private sector business investments (are) going to other states.'

    Quinn said Brady is wrong because people who work hard should not have to live in poverty. He referred to Brady as a "millionaire" who doesn't pay any taxes.

    Brady is a Bloomington businessman who owed no federal taxes because he lost more than $100,000 in 2008 and had an income of $119,000 in 2009.

    Brady spokeswoman Patty Schuh said Monday that Illinois' minimum wage is higher than bordering states -- and so is its unemployment rate.

    Thursday's increase ends a multi-year run of increases spearheaded by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.