Mrs. Daley Home After Hospitalization for 'Flu-Like Symptoms' | NBC Chicago

Mrs. Daley Home After Hospitalization for 'Flu-Like Symptoms'


    Chicago's First Lady, Maggie Daley had surgery Tuesday to replace the metal rod in her right leg. Daley was taken to the hospital early Saturday morning for pain. Her doctors hope the surgery will decrease her discomfort.

    Update: Maggie Daley was released from the hospital Friday.

    Just two days after being released from a 10-day stay thta included surgery, Chicago First Lady Maggie Daley was back in the hospital with flu-like symptoms.

    The hospitalization was completely unrelated to her ongoing battle with cancer, said her primary physician, Dr. Stephen Rosen.

    "Her condition remains stable," he said in a statement released by the mayor's office.  "Nothing has changed relative to her cancer."

    Instead, the statement said she was admitted with nausea and dehydration.

    Mrs. Daley was released from Northwestern Hospital on Tuesday after having surgery to replace a metal rod in her right leg that had been a frequent source of pain.