Hi, My Name is Dan Burke, I Want to Pie Your Vote

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    Illinois General Assembly

    In a classic political tug of war, the struggle for who will be the next state representative from the city's 23rd district has come down to -- did you like my pie?  

    State Rep. Dan Burke -- brother of powerful 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke -- has held his job for nearly 20 years, but this year he's facing his first challenger ever. 

    The challenge from Rudy Lozano, son of slain activist Rudy Lozano, has Burke walking  the neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and even offering pies to potential voters.

    "It's an insult, constituents think he's trying to buy their vote," says Lozano, who's running as a reformer against his entrenched opponent.

    Burke, in his own defense, says he's shaken 3700 hands and makes no apologies.