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Trump Still Mulling Presidential Run

Billionaire businessman says he'll jump into the race as an independent if Republicans choose the wrong candidate



    (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    Billionaire Donald Trump will not fire himself when it comes to silencing all talk on a possible presidential run.

    In Chicago on Tuesday, Trump said he'll be endorsing a candidate at some point while at the same time indicating that he's still interested.

    "If they pick someone who’s really not the right candidate, and the economy continues to do badly, then I will absolutely get in," he said.

    Trump said he’d run as "an independent, if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate and the economy continues to be bad, then I’d certainly consider it."

    Trump said he hears from "a lot of people who want me to do it," but didn't offer a timetable as to when he would make his final decision.

    He ended months of speculation last May when he formally stated that he would not seek the Republican nomination.