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Protection Order Against State Senator Extended

Sen. Suzi Schmidt scheduled to appear in court July 18



    Sen. Suzi Schmidt

    A judge extended a protection order filed against embattled state Sen. Suzi Schmidt Tuesday.

    That order was put in place following the senator's June 12 arrest following a dispute with a neighbor. The neighbor claimed Schmidt had trespassed on her property and damaged a feed bag.

    The Lake County couple who has filed the charges against Schmidt says Schmidt had been harassing them for over a year, including phone calls, emails, and text messages.

    Schmidt's attorneys contend the texts and emails have not been turned over, but the woman who filed the complaint says that is because the messages are on a phone she no longer has in her possession, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Judge George Strickland extended the protection order through July 18, Schmidt's next scheduled court date, the Tribune reported.