Illinois Races: Rickey Hendon Is Running for 7th District Rep.

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    State of Illinois
    Considered a State House veteran for keeping his seat for 16 years, Rickey Hendon is now raising the bar and running for Lt. Governor in 2010.

    Rickey Hendon's nickname is "Hollywood" because before getting into politics he was an aspiring musician and filmmaker with a flair for getting on TV. He never lost his flair. 

    Hendon was first elected to the Senate from an alderman's post in 1992 before joining Senate President Emil Jones' leadership team as assistant majority leader, the youngest ever to serve in that post.

    Hendon recently made news by vocally opposing the controversial free rides for seniors plan for the Chicago Transit Authority.

    He said he rather "die and meet Jesus than take away free rides." He was also part of a contingent that won money for Chicago State University despite the fact that the college never asked for it.

    Hendon is also running for Lt. Governor, and he's said he'll drop out of the congressional race if Danny Davis stays in.

    He does not currently have a campaign website.

    Read more about him here.