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Illinois Races: Bill Cadigan For 10th Congressional District

"I'll continue to fight for reform...and for an honest environment and one where the taxpayers' interests come first"



    Bill Cadigan is running for Congress.

    Bill Cadigan, 45, would like you to know that he has congressional experience.  His campaign website touts the fact that he went to work for Congressman John Porter directly after college, where he worked on healthcare, an obvious hot button issue in the coming election.  "From 1999 to 2005, Bill served as a Commissioner of the Illinois Medical District.  The Illinois Medical District, on Chicago's Near West Side, includes 560 acres of hospitals, medical research, facilities, universities, and more than 40 healthcare related facilities."

    Cadigan is a native of Arlington Heights who lives in Winnetka and his wife Beth and their toddler son.

    "I'm interested in running for Congress...[because] our country is in a grave economic situation," Cadigan wrote to Team America's 10th District blog.  "I am frustrated that the people in control of Congress and the executive branch can't get beyond partisan bickering and posturing to enact common sense measures to promote job growth on Main Street and restore confidence in Wall Street.

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