Hynes Leads in Poll, Gets Black Support

"Quinn is the typewriter, Hynes is the computer"

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    Dan Hynes

    Primary challenger Dan Hynes has passed a significant milestone in his quest for the gubernatorial nomination -- the support of a black elected official.

    State Rep. Lashun Ford from Chicago's west side is Hynes latest advocate.

    "Quinn is the typewriter, Hynes is the computer," said Ford.

    The endorsement comes days after Hynes launched an ad featuring late mayor Harold Washington -- and after Quinn tried to spin the ad as racially divisive.

    "I love Harold he has some good things to say," Ford said, referring to the Washington ad.

    Ford added that he expects some calls from his colleagues criticizing his Hynes endorsement.

    Meanwhile, a Public Policy Polling poll released today shows Hynes with his first lead of the cycle. He's leading Quinn by one point.