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Daley: No New Taxes

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    Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley says he won't raise taxes.

    Mayor Daley said today that he "will not include any new tax, fine or fee increase of any kind" in his new 2010 budget.

    He says people are suffering too much now to justify any more fees and taxes.

    "Times are tough. I don't feel right asking (people) to pay more for city government right now."

    He plans to issue his budget proposal next week. But not everything is rosy.

    While he promises not to raise rates, Daley says Chicago could be forced to lay off workers, cut services, raise public transportation costs and even dip into a fund from the lease of the Chicago Skyway — something Daley's said before he wouldn't do.

    Daley says the budget deficit stands at about $550 million and that the city's economic picture is going to get worse.