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Daley Defensive Over Hoffman's Political Future



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    Mayor Daley seems pretty defensive about David Hoffman's rising political star.

    Though Hoffman lost to Giannoulias in the senate primary, his campaign made him a household name (among primary voters, at least). And now the former inspector general, known as "Abby Hoffman" for the bombs he threw at the mayor's office, is being mentioned as a possible mayoral contender.

    The Daley camp apparently isn't happy about that.

    "Everybody worked hard. ... Everybody did a good job. ... I don't know why you pick one person. Why is that? I know. You're friends with him," Daley said to a reporter when questioned about Hoffman.

    A mayoral insider tells the Sun-Times that Hoffman is simply a media darling, and he hasn't done enough in politics to have any negative stories written about him yet.