Blago Brother's Bull Session

"Exclusive" nonsense

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    Robert Blagojevich adds nothing to the story.

    Blago's Brother Breaks His Silence!

    "This Is Just Not Fair!"

    Cubs Lose!

    Sun Rises In East!

    Or, to put it philosophically: if an infamous political relative gives you an exclusive to say absolutely nothing at all except "This is just not fair!," is it really an exclusive at all?

    The Sun-Times thinks it is.

    But did Robert Blagojevich really commit news?

    Sometimes you take the interview but file your notes for later use.

    Or you go a different direction: 

    Blago Brother Starts Own Media Campaign!

    Missing from the story was big brother Rob's assurance to his brother  that the then-governor wasn't doing anything illegal "unless prospectively somebody gets you on a wire."

    Somebody did. Federal prosecutors.

    And those are the words - not those carefully chosen with a lawyer at his side - that tell the tale.

    Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture event.