Tornado Survivor Has Heartwarming Reunion After Finding Dog Buried Alive in Debris

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    Charles Ledford/University of Illinois/

    Hours after his home was among hundreds torn apart by a massive tornado that ripped through Washington, Ill. Sunday, Jonathan Byler Dann was given a glimpse of hope.

    Byler Dann posted on his Facebook page that he and his family survived the storm, after being trapped under debris for nearly 15 minutes.

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    “We are all OK,” the post read. “House has looked better.”

    But there was still one member of the Byler Dann family missing-- his 11-year-old dog Maggie.

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    As debris began hitting their home in the storm, the family took shelter, but their skittish dog, who Byler Dann has owned since she was 4 months old, refused to leave her kennel and they could not get her into the safe room in time, according to

    "We lost Maggie today," Byler Dann said in his post.

    Nearly 30 hours later, Jon Byler Dann posted a photo to his Facebook announcing his beloved pet, who he thought he had lost, was found.

    She was discovered rolled up in carpet buried under piles of debris, but she was alive.

    Byler Dann reportedly burst into tears and gave Maggie water before arranging for her to go to the local veterinarian's office.

    Maggie’s hip was dislocated in the storm and she was sedated Monday, but she’s expected to survive, he said in the post.

    “So glad she’s still with us,” he said.