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Princeton Distributes "Mine. Not Yours" Cups to Stop Students from Sharing Drinks, Spreading Meningitis

Thousands of cups are being given to students at the Ivy League school



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    Princeton University is distributing thousands of cups that encourage students not to share their beverages as a way to curb the spread of meningitis and promote safe drinking.

    The 16-ounce red cups bear the message: "Mine. Not Yours."
    They also include markings for the standard size for alcoholic beverages and the phone number for the Ivy League school's public safety department.
    Princeton health educator Kathy Wagner tells The Times of Trenton the school thought it was a good way to remind students not to share their drinks.
    "We have been reminding students of ways in which they can help prevent the spread of meningitis, and the best way to stay safe is to not share anything that comes in contact with the mouth, including cups," she said.
    Junior Kathryn Scott isn't sure how effective the program will be because she says it's unlikely she'll remember to carry the cup with her everywhere. 

    There were five cases of meningitis on the Princeton campus between March and June. Symptoms include headache, fever, vomiting and rashes. Meningitis can cause severe complications like brain damage.