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16 minutes ago

3 Americans Killed at Children's Hospital in Kabul

3 hours ago

Calif. Teen Stowaway's Dad: "Allah Saved Him"

3 hours ago

FDA Proposes First Regulations for E-Cigarettes

4 minutes ago

Fla. School Board Rejects Parent Dress Code

2 hours ago

Ronald McDonald Gets a Makeover

2 hours ago

Obama: More U.S. Sanctions Are "Teed Up" Against Russia

2 hours ago

GM Profit Drops 86 Percent on Recall Costs

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Hopefully today's name change, while so meaningful to me personally, can also raise awareness of the fact that we (transgender) people exist everywhere in America today, and that we must jump through hurdles every day just for being who we are.  

— Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, the private known as Bradley Manning who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for handing classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks, reacting after a judge approved her name change.
44 minutes ago

Hallway Sex Prompts Md. High School to Install Mirrors

49 minutes ago

University to Students: No Selfies at Graduation

7 minutes ago

Child Captures Hot Air Balloon Landing in Street

A hot air balloon making an unscheduled landing was caught on video by a giggling little boy in the back of his mom's car. NBC 7 obtained the video shot by a 6-year-old Dylan, who repeatedly said "Oh my gosh" while recording the landing in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego. Nine people were on board the balloon, which was blown off course, the pilot said. Read »

2 hours ago

More Than 7 Percent of Kids on Behavioral Meds

2 hours ago

Hundreds of Bacteria Found on Paper Money: Study

A recent study found that paper money is covered in hundreds of different types of bacteria. Researchers at New York University’s Dirty Money Project found species linked to food poisoning, gastric ulcers, staph infections and pneumonia living on paper money. Read »
2 hours ago

Neighborhood Watch Members Accused of Gang Assault

3 hours ago

Sriracha Shutdown? City Tables Vote on Plant's Future