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5 minutes ago

'Really Awesome' Total Eclipse Brings Darkness in Daytime

Americans gazed in wonder through telescopes, cameras and disposable protective glasses Monday as the moon blotted out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. from coast to coast in nearly a century. "It's really, really, really, really awesome," said 9-year-old Cami Smith as she watched the fully eclipsed sun from a gravel lane near her grandfather's home at Beverly Beach, Oregon. The temperature dropped and birds quieted down as the line of darkness raced across the continent. In Boise, Idaho, people clapped and whooped, and the street lights came on briefly in the middle of the day, while in Nashville, Tennessee, people craned the necks at the sun and knocked back longneck beers at Nudie's Honky Tonk bar. Read »
2 hours ago

Eclipse Will Cost Almost $700M in Productivity: Researchers

10 minutes ago
By Nina Lin, Alana Pipe

Coast-to-Coast Total Solar Eclipse in Photos

Americans across the country readied their telescopes and viewing glasses as... View gallery »

  • A sliver of sun
  • Glare
  • Flare
42 minutes ago

Barcelona Van Attack Fugitive Is Fatally Shot After Manhunt

36 minutes ago

Navy to Probe Pacific Fleet After Two Collisions at Sea

4 hours ago
7 Total Eclipse Driving Tips

7 Total Eclipse Driving Tips

Driving while the total solar eclipse is happening on August 21? Here are seven tips that will ensure your safety while driving. Watch »

3 hours ago

Ohio Judge Shot, Fires Back in Apparent Ambush-Style Attack

7 minutes ago

Alaska Airlines Hosts Eclipse Viewing Part in the Sky

26 minutes ago

Here's the Best of What People Posted From #SolarEclipse2017

The total solar eclipse crossing the country Monday promises to be one of the most photographed eclipses in history, thanks to the rise of smartphones and social media. Here are some of the best images people posted online, from the path of totality and beyond. Read »
37 minutes ago
As Eclipse Approaches in Oregon, 1 Rest Stop Fills

As Eclipse Approaches in Oregon, 1 Rest Stop Fills

Motorists in Salem, Oregon traveling to see the solar eclipse have apparently decided to hunker down at a rest stop, heeding warnings from law enforcement that stopping on the shoulder of highways is illegal. Watch »

42 minutes ago

Social Media Reacts to Eclipse Day 2017

It's a communal event unlike one seen it recent memory. Everyone is talking about the eclipse. How to see it. Where to see it. How to not go blind while seeing it. Here are a few of the tweets posted across social media. The celestial show was expected to be the most observed and photographed eclipse in history, with millions staking out prime viewing spots and settling into lawn chairs to watch, especially along the path of totality — the projected line of shadow created when the sun is completely obscured. The path was 60 to 70 miles (96 to 113 kilometers) wide, running from Oregon to South Carolina. Read »
5 hours ago

Eclipse Chasers Say Get Ready for ‘Otherworldly’ Experience

3 hours ago

Baseball Teams Schedule Games to Coincide With Solar Eclipse

3 hours ago

Pa. Wildlife Center: 3rd Bald Eagle Dies of Lead Poisoning

54 minutes ago

Stone Mountain Poses Another Test for Confederate Symbols

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