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Showers & Storms Developing

Cooler Lakefront

Friday: Partly sunny, marginal severe risk South, showers & storms developing, cooler lakefront, 72.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, 33.
Thursday: Partly sunny, 44.
Friday: Partly sunny, rain, 48Wednesday: Partly sunny, cooler lakefront, Thursday: Cloudy, rain, 46.

Friday night: Partly cloudy, showers & storms, 58.

Saturday: Partly sunny, marginal risk of severe weather south, showers & storms late, 74.

 Partly sunny, showers & storms, 73.

Monday: Partly sunny, chance of showers, 74.

Tuesday:  Partly sunny, chance of showers, 69.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, 69.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, 71.