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Two Schools Evacuated After Explosive Found Nearby

Residents cleaning area near rail tracks come across "commercial explosive," police say



    Two schools on Chicago's South Side were let out early Monday after an explosive device was found adjacent to some nearby rail tracks.

    An alderman and community groups clearing the area near West 73rd Street and South Hoyne Avenue of debris from illegal dumping came across the explosive, which authorities said weighed between two and four pounds.

    "It appeared to be a commercial explosive device, a piece of commercial explosive that was all set and ready to explode," said Eugene Roy with the Chicago Police Department.  "This was not a firework.  It was an actual explosive device."

    As a precaution, officials evacuated the South Side Occupational Academy high school and Randolph Elementary School. 

    The item was detonated and no injuries were reported.

    The all-clear was given at about 3:45 p.m.