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"Man of Steel" Co-Star Russell Crowe Spotted in Naperville?



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    Superman's father has been seen walking in Naperville.

    There's may be a "Gladiator" in Chicagoland.

    Aussie actor Russell Crowe has been spotted by several people this last week in Naperville, the Chicago Sun-Times reported this week.

    Crowe has been a regular a Whole Foods Market on 75th Street, and Triblocal Naperville has placed him at Naperville's downtown Starbucks and Sullivan's Steakhouse. 

    Crowe will play Jor-El, Superman's biological father, in the upcoming franchise reboot "Man of Steel," filming this summer in Plano and Chicago. Naperville's Depaul University campus held casting tryouts for the new film a week ago, with a turnout of hundreds of people. 
    In an interview with australia's Daily Telegraph, his wife told the press that they were in Chicago and that her husband was working out to get in shape. 
    Crowe's Twitter account has made suggestive comments to his presence in the Chicago area. Crowe alluded to dark clouds and thunder around the time of last week's storm in Chicago, and his Twitter read on Friday, "I'm a long way from home, yet."