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Cook County Cracking Down on "Johns"

Sheriff warns men who are looking to buy sex.



    Tom Dart is hot on the trail of Chicago hookers.

    Call it a fair warning. 

    Cook county Sheriff Thomas J. Dart unveiled two new billboards on Mannheim Road near O’Hare Sunday, the Sun-Times reports

    The latest tool in the sheriff’s fight to stop prostitution read: “Chances are, the woman you are about to pick up works for us.
    Expect to pay $2,150” and “Dear John, if you’re here to solicit sex, it could cost you $2,150. We’re teaming up to bust you.” 

    More than 100 men looking to pay for sex have been cited under Cook County’s year-old Public Morals Ordinance; resulting in fines totaling nearly $50,000, according to the Sun-Times

    That money is funneled into the Department of Women’s Justice Services, a program that helps women leave a life of prostitution for a more stable one. The sheriff says his deputies will continue to crack down on these types of violations. 

    “This is not just a one-time sweep,” Dart told the paper.  “We’re waging a war on prostitution and want to make it incredibly difficult for every aspect of it to operate here.