Feds to Monitor Election for Voter Fraud

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    The Feds will be monitoring next week's primary voting in Chicago for any signs of voter fraud.

    Another election, another opportunity for voter fraud.

    Illinois' primary election is next Tuesday and federal officials want it to go as smoothly and as cleanly as possible.

    That means no votes by dead people or convicted felons.

    Government attorneys will be monitoring next week's primary voting in Chicago. The FBI and federal marshals will deal with legal violations, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald announced Monday.

    "This office has a long tradition of monitoring the polls on Election Day to help protect the integrity of the voting process," U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald said. "No one who is entitled to vote should in any way be inhibited from doing so while, at the same time, no one not entitled to vote should corrupt the election," he said.

    Voters and election workers who see anything suspicious should call the Election Day only vote fraud hot line: 312-469-6157.

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