Pfleger Calls Out President Obama on Gun Violence | NBC Chicago

Pfleger Calls Out President Obama on Gun Violence



    Activist priest Michael Pfleger says President Barack Obama needs to do more to stop gun violence in his hometown of Chicago.

    "Call the White House and urge the president [to] reinstate the assault weapons ban. This is the time to do it," Pfleger said Wednesday.

    The St. Sabina pastor's outrage comes days after Janeen Hancock, a mother of three, and another teen, Alixi Johnson, were gunned down in a gang-related shooting in Merrill Park.

    Located on East 96th Street, residents in the area have dubbed the park "Murder Park" because of bloody gang turf wars.

    Separately, the president on Wednesday called for stepped-up background checks for people who want to purchase guns and restrictions to keep the mentally unbalanced from buying weapons.

    Obama says those steps, in his words, “shouldn’t be controversial, they should be common sense.”

    His remarks to the National Urban League in New Orleans come in the wake of the Colorado movie theater massacre.