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Officer, Canine Partner Retire on Same Day

Sandra La Porta and Lakos will live together in retirement



    (Published Tuesday, March 16, 2010)

    Two partners with the Chicago Police Department retired Monday, one of them with 63 years on the job.

    In dog years, anyway.

    Sandra La Porta and her canine partner Lakos served together for the last nine years, serving warrants, conducting vehicle sniffs and performing narcotic searches.

    "One thing maybe he could do, and that would be drive me around," La Porta joked Monday at a press event commemorating her 31 years of service. "But I drove him to the jobs and he performed to the best that he could, and I couldn't ask for a better partner."

    She beamed when she talked about their jobs together and said Lakos has twice saved her life.  She specifically recalled an incident several years ago when two pit bulls jumped at her as they were executing a search warrant.  Lakos fought the dogs off.

    "He's been my hero," she said.

    Lakos, now 10 years old and with arthritis in his front legs, will retire at home with La Porta.

    "This has been a great, great life," she said.