Prentice Hospital Loses Landmark Designation -- Again

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the move a "a smart decision"

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    Prentice Women's Hospital has been vacant since 2011.

    That's all she wrote for the old Prentice Women's Hospital.

    Chicago's Landmark Commission on Thursday reaffirmed its previous decision to remove the building's landmark designation, clearing the way for a wrecking ball.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the move a "a smart decision that is in the best interest of the neighborhood, its residents, and the City as a whole."

    Preservationists had long fought to save the Bertrand Goldberg-designed building, at 333 E. Superior Street. But Northwestern University officials, which own the structure, wants to bring it down so a new medical research facility can go up in its place.

    "What we want to do is connect our new building with out existing building on a floor-by-floor basis so that we've got one big complex. That's how scientists like to work, and so that's how we want to build our building," Northwestern spokesman Alan Cubbage said last month.

    The building has been vacant since 2011.