Alert Issued After Abduction Attempt Near LSD

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    June 16, 2011: A man lurked behind a jogger on Saturday and tried to kidnap her along a path at 35th Street and South Lake Shore Drive, police said. (Published Thursday, June 16, 2011)

    Chicago police this week issued a community alert after a man reportedly tried to kidnap a woman along a crowded bike path near Lake Shore Drive.

    Police said a man lurked behind a jogger and tried to kidnap her along a path at 35th Street and South Lake Shore Drive. The man grabbed a 30-year-old woman running south on the path about 2:10 p.m. Friday, police said, and tried to pull her to an unspecified location. 

    The woman broke free and escaped after a brief struggle, police said. The man fled north on the bike path.

    The attacker is described as a dark-complected black man roughly 20 years old. He stands about six feet tall and weighs between 200 and 210 pounds. 

    At the time of the attack, he was wearing blue jeans and blue boxer shorts with no shirt.

    Police are advising people to be aware of the situation and alert neighbors in the area. Police also are asking people to not walk alone and to stay in well-lit areas.

    "If you're running and you see somebody that just makes you feel a little bit off, don't feel silly about turning and running the other way," said Wendy Jaehn, the Executive Director of the Chicago Area Runners Association.