Police: No Charges in Liquor Store Crash

Marty Anderson crashed into Highland Park Binny's Beverage Depot last Thursday

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    The woman who survived a fiery car crash into a Highland Park Binny's, describes what happened. Kim Vatis reports.

    No charges will be filed against the woman who crashed into a Binny's Beverage Depot last week and set off a booze-fueled fire, Highland Park police said.

    The police report, released Monday, didn’t mention any traffic violations or substances that could have played a role. The report also noted that the accident occurred on private property.

    Marty Anderson, 84, inadvertently jumped the curb in her white BMW and smashed into the store, in the 150 block of Skokie Valley Road last Thursday morning.

    A fire broke out but was contained by the store's sprinkler system and arriving firefighters.

    Surveillance: Fire Breaks After Car Crash

    [CHI] Surveillance: Fire Breaks After Car Crash
    A booze-fueld fire broke out in a Highland Park Binny's Beverage Depot after an elderly woman drove through the wall.

    "It’s a great testimony to the sprinkler system here because there were 100 boxes of alcohol she hit," said Highland Park Fire Chief Patrick Tanner. "That could really get going (on fire).'

    Officials were unable to explain what caused the crash.