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Chicago Cop Helps Himself to Unconscious Colleague's Cash

George Porter was supposed to use card to buy groceries for cancer-stricken co-worker



    To serve (oneself) and protect?

    A Chicago police officer -- who'd already lost his police powers -- used a colleague's debit card to snag $800 for himself, including two transactions at an Indiana casino, while his cancer-stricken co-worker lay unconscious in the hospital, prosecutors said.

    George Porter, 46, and the female colleague live near each other and work together at the city's 311 call center. When the colleague fell ill several months ago, she gave her debit card and PIN to Porter so he could buy groceries for her.

    Prosecutors say Porter never bought groceries and instead made four ATM withdrawls over the following three days.

    When the victim returned home, she realized that Porter had never bought groceries and contacted authorities.

    Porter, who has been with the force for 14 years, has been charged with theft and deceptive practices and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

    Neither Porter's attorney nor the victim could be reached for comment, the Chicago Tribune reported.