Blind Man's Hot Pink Tandem Bike Stolen

The bike, a custom-made Co-Motion Scout, is valued at roughly $3,800

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    Terry Gorman and his partner, Sheldon Atovsky, pose with their tandem bicycle.

    A bicycle has been stolen in downtown Chicago, and it's one that's hard to miss.

    The nearly eight-foot-long, hot pink, tandem bicycle, owned by Terry Gorman and his partner, Sheldon Atovsky, was snagged from outside the Northwestern University Hospital on Friday morning.

    "We were in shock," said Atovsky, a 61-year-old retired DePaul University music professor. "I mean, I walked out and I said, 'Terry, our bike's not there.'" It's just an impossible thing to believe."

    The pair said the bike was secured with four locks when they went into the hospital for an appointment a little after 8 a.m. Two hours later, the bike was gone.

    "The only thing left of the bike are the two things that we took in with us because we knew that those could be taken because they're on brackets ... the odometer and the light," said Gorman, who describes riding the bike as an "absolutely, marvelous, wonderful experience."

    The bike, a custom-made Co-Motion Scout valued at roughly $3,800, is special to the pair. Atovsky said he would steer while Gorman, who is blind, would take the back seat.  They've logged thousands of miles since they bought the bike in October 2008, Gorman said.

    Anyone with information on the location of the bike can call Chicago police.