Woman Chases, Tackles iPhone Thief: Cops

Woman, stranger tackle suspected robber from train, police said

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    Police said a 42-year-old woman's iPhone was snatched out of her hand Saturday as she rode a northbound Red Line train.

    A woman determined to get her stolen iPhone back from a suspected thief got some help Saturday from a stranger and a phone-tracking application.

    A 42-year-old woman said her phone was snatched out of her hand as she rode a northbound Red Line train, according to The Chicago Tribune. The victim chased after the suspect, later identified as 17-year-old Whitney Martin, and eventually a man who witnessed what happened joined in.

    Together, police said, they chased Martin for a few blocks and eventually tackled her in an alley at Van Buren and Federal.

    Police found the phone in a shirt of Martin's using the “Find my iPhone’’ application, police told the Tribune.

    Martin was charged with felony theft, and a judge set her bail at $75,000.