Woman Stole Officer's iPhone at Police Station: Cops | NBC Chicago

Woman Stole Officer's iPhone at Police Station: Cops

Police say a custodian stole the iPhone



    A Chicago Police Department custodian stole an officer's iPhone from a West Side police station, officials say.

    Police say Epifania Bahena, 35, took the officer's phone while he was in roll call Thursday night at the police station at 3151 W. Harrison St., according to the Chicago Tribune.
    When the officer realized his phone was gone, he went online and tracked the iPhone with its GPS system. The signal showed the phone heading to the custodian's home address at the 8900 block of South Exchange Avenue, police said.

    When police first questioned Bahena about the incident that night, she said she knew nothing about it. 

    The following day, she changed her story, police said. Bahena later told police she found the phone, took it home and planned on telling her supervisor about it the next day at work.

    Police took her into custody Friday afternoon. She is now charged with misdemeanor theft.