White Sox Owner's Grandaughter Charged With Marijuana Possession

Melissa Reinsdorf was charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop

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    Buffalo Grove Police Department
    Melissa Reinsdorf, 19, the granddaughter of Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, was charged with possession of marijuana.

    The granddaughter of Jerry Reinsdorf, Melissa Reinsdorf, was charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop early Thursday, police said.

    Reinsdorf is the owner of the Chicago Bulls as well as the White Sox.

    Melissa Reinsdorf, 19, was charged when she was stopped by police for blowing past a temporary stop sign that was put up due to traffic signals that suffered from power outages, The Sun-Times Reports.

    The incident happened near Milwaukee Avenue and Riverwalk Drive in Buffalo Grove, according to Buffalo Grove Police Cpl. Vince Positano.

    The officer who stopped Reinsdorf noticed what he thought were "small pieces of cannabis on her lap," according to Positano. He proceeded to ask her if she had any drugs in her car, at which point she handed over a plastic bag with a "green leafy substance" in it.

    She also handed over a small, glass smoking pipe when asked if she had any drug paraphernalia, Positano said.