Thieving Duo Scaled Poles for Copper: Police | NBC Chicago

Thieving Duo Scaled Poles for Copper: Police

Couple climbed the pole to steal copper wires



    One Des Plaines couple expressed their love in a unique way -- by getting arrested together --  for climbing a telephone pole.

    Louis Baus, 36, and Cynthia Hamm, 32, were arrested Thursday after police recovered $1,700 worth of copper that the pair is believed to have cut from Des Plaines utility pole wires.

    Police say Baus and Hamm scaled the poles and cut the wires free, loading their car with the unusual loot. All together, the couple snagged over 111 feet of wire.

    Baus remains in jail, while Hamm is free on Bond. She must, however, provide weekly drug tests and stay a half-mile away from scene of the crime.

    Clearly, her pole-scaling days are over. 

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