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Girl Paralyzed by Wisconsin Dells Thrill Ride Headed Home



    American Family Children's Hospital
    Teagan Marti just before she plunges from the Terminal Velocity ride.

    The 13-year-old girl who was paralyzed in a fall from a thrill ride in the Wisconsin Dells is finally back home, the Miami Herald reported.

    Teagan Marti has spent every one of the past 80 days in a hospital room. She barely survived the 100-foot fall from a ride know as "Terminal Velocity," which essentially drops a rider from high in the air into a safety net. But something went horribly wrong that July day. The net never lifted into place, and Teagan was dropped face-first to the ground below. 

    The Herald reports Teagan cannot walk, and only recently began speaking again. She gets around in an electric wheelchair, and has months, if not years of physical therapy ahead of her. Her muscle tone has improved, and with hard work, she has a chance at walking again.

    Despite all that, Teagan says she's happy to be going home.

    "I miss my pets," she told the paper.