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Swimmer Suspected of Suicide Arrested

A swimmer refused to return to shore, leading police to believe she was "intent on harming herself."



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    A swimmer who Evanston Police thought was "intent on harming herself" was arrested Friday and charged with three city ordinance violations, including swimming after hours.

    Frances Dupont, 49, was seen swimming about 10 yards off the break wall around 1:24 a.m. Friday, police said, when an officer called out to her to return to shore. She kept swimming away, and when the officer checked the area, her clothing and car keys were found on the shore's rocks.

    After the then-unidentified swimmer refused to return to shore, police believed it a suicide attempt and notified the Evanston Fire Department. A multi-agency water rescue response also was initiated, trying to locate the swimmer, police said.

    Several hours later, the swimmer appeared back on shore at about 7:15 a.m. unharmed. 

    Dupont was arrested and charged with being at a closed beach, being in the beach water after posted hours and disobeying police in a public place.