Teacher Accused of Grade Tampering Pleads Not Guilty

Sara Glashagel is due in court on Feb. 21

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    An Antioch High School teacher accused of computer tampering and changing the grades of dozens of students pleaded not guilty on Monday.

    Sara Glashagel, 27, of Elk Grove Village was placed on administrative leave in November after she was charged with allegedly changing the grades of 64 Antioch Community High School students, including 41 football players.

    Glashagel was with the Antioch school district for five years. After school district officials realized that many grade alterations were implemented, they sent out a subpoena for the person who used the IP address to change the grades, according to the Chicago Tribune. The subpoena led to Glashagel, they said.

    Antioch police said Glashagel acknowledged changing grades, according to Chicago Tribune. She is the wife of the school's football coach, Brian Glashagel, who says he didn't know about the grade changes.

    Sara Glashagel is due in court on Feb. 21. She faces up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine if found guilty.