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Survey Says: Chicago Is No. 1 for Naughty Men

Survey says: Chicago Is No. 1 for Naughty




    Be careful Chicago men, you're starting to get a reputation. 

    The Windy City is home of the "most promiscuous men in America," according to a survey from dating site  

    The site surveyed 5,000 male users from across the country about their sexual exploits and it turns out Chicago ranks No. 1 among cities with the highest number of wealthy men with the most sexual partners per year.

    More specifically, the ranking indicates the percentage of men who admitted to having seven or more sexual partners a year.

    Chicago topped the list at 72 percent of respondants claiming to have slept with more than seven partners in the last year, followed closely by Birmingham, Ala., and Las Vegas, Nev. and was well ahead of New York, N.Y., which was at the bottom of list at only 15 percent.

    The website seeks to partner wealthy "sugar daddies" or "sugar mommies," characterized as "willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts" with younger "sugar babies" looking to meet their "wealthy, successful and generous" match.