Struggling Student Wins $1 Million Lottery

Winner plans to transfer to buy Mercedes, transfer to UIC

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    Winner plans to transfer to UIC with winnings. (Published Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012)

    College student Asif Kahn originally moved to Villa Park from India, but now he can truly say he's living the American dream.

    The 21-year-old won $1 million in the Illinois Lottery's Gold Buillion scratch-off game.

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    Kahn bought the ticket three days before Thanksgiving at a Shell Station on the corner of Roosevelt and Wolf Road in Hillside.

    "I just took the ticket and went to my car, and I made a U-turn and went straight back home. I walked into my house and I said, ' Mom, you're not gonna believe what happened,'" Kahn said.

    He says he plans on using the majority of the money to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans, and then to eventually pay for medical school.

    "I can actually imagine my life ... a better future," Kahn said. "My long-term goal is to be a cardiologist, relating to the heart. Science has always been a very broad field for me and I love it," Kahn said at a Wednesday news conference.

    Kahn borrows his mother's 2003 Honda Accord every day to drive from his home to classes at East-West University on Michigan Avenue. He says is one splurge will be a new Mercedes -- and transferring to UIC, now that he can afford the tuition.