Southwest Airlines Flight to Chicago Diverted After Medical Emergency

Airline officials said a woman became unresponsive during the flight

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    Getty Images

    A Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Chicago was diverted Tuesday afternoon due to a medical emergency.

    The airline said flight no. 467 was diverted to Omaha, Nebraska, after a woman became unresponsive during the flight.

    An airline spokeswoman said the flight crew, along with assistance from medical professionals on board, provided care until the flight landed.

    "Paramedics met the airplane and transported the customer to a local hospital in Omaha," said spokeswoman Emily Samuels.

    The plane then continued to Chicago and landed safely at Midway Airport about an hour and a half behind schedule, officials said. It was originally scheduled to land at 2:15 p.m.

    The passenger’s condition was not immediately known.