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South Side Irish Parade Becomes 10-Day Fest



    St. Patrick's Day Parade Roundup

    Chicago’s raucous South Side Irish parade may be gone, but the festivities surrounding that greenest of holidays will continue.

    Organizers of the debauched march announced that they were ending their sponsorship because the festivities had grown too big – nearly 300,000 people were showing up to the Beverly and Morgan Park neighborhoods looking for a good time.

    But what was once a truly awesome one-day parade has morphed into a hopefully awesome 10-day festival, according to the

    The newly created South Side Irish Parade Family Festival will kick off on March 3 and run through the 13th.  In between, revelers will be treated to live entertainment, dancing, an Irish film festival and, of course, beer – and maybe whiskey.

    For more details check out the announcement on the organization's web site.