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Skokie Man Posed as Lawyer, Authorities Say

Tahir Malik's dad defends his son on charges



    Tahir Malik, the 47-year-old Skokie man accused of posing as a lawyer for five years, was just helping people who couldn't speak English very well, Malik's father said Tuesday.

    As Malik went before a judge at the Skokie Courthouse for a bond hearing, his father, 76-year-old Rahim Malik, was the only family member in court with him.

    Cook County State's Attorney and Sheriff's Offices say Malik was posing as a lawyer, but Rahim claims it's not true. He says his son was just counseling people and that he'd done it for the past three months, not five years. 

    "This is crazy.  I mean, really, this is crazy stuff that someone can pretend to be a lawyer this long and not be caught up in the system," said Sheriff Tom Dart.  

    Malik's lawyer's request for a bond reduction was denied. A bond hearing is scheduled Jan. 28.