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Man Arrested for Dousing Dog with Gasoline

Riverside police charged Daniel Maskill for dousing an unleashed Shih Tzu during an altercation with its owner at a park



    Riverside Police arrested and charged a man for dousing a dog with gasoline.

    Daniel Maskill, 53, was carrying a full gas can while riding his bike through Harrington Park Tuesday night, police tell the Chicago Tribune.

    They say Maskill felt intimidated when an unleashed Shih Tzu came up to him. That's when he got into a verbal argument with the owner and threatened to set the dog on fire.

    Maskill never lit a match, but he did douse the 9-pound dog with gasoline purchased for his lawnmower.

    He was charged with misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and assault, and faces up to 364 days in jail.

    The dog's owner could be fined between $35 and $100 for having the dog off leash.