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Retired Officer Misplaced Gun in Walmart Restroom

He realized the gun was missing and recovered it five minutes later



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    Police have accused Kenneth Stayton of shooting a man in North Philadelphia on Friday, October 15.

    Ever had the feeling you're missing something?

    Just ask this retired police officer who left his handgun in a Walmart restroom Thursday night in Crystal Lake.

    It apparently was an accident, and the retired officer went back for the gun five minutes after misplacing it. It happened at Super Walmart, at 1205 Route 31.

    The next person who used the restroom found the lost gun and turned it into Walmart authorities, Crystal Lake Patrol Cmdr. Dan Dziewior said.

    The incident has been reported to the Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry. The organization will further review what happened.

    The man was not an officer in Crystal Lake, police confirmed. He had the credentials to carry the gun.

    No charges were filed.