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Mobile Restaurants Coming to a Block Near You?

Trucks would be required to be stationed at least 200 feet from restaurants



    Restaurants on wheels could be at your service all around Chicago.

    Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) introduced a new ordinance Wednesday to legalize mobile food trucks set up to cook food in Chicago, the Sun-Times reports.

    Currently,  food trucks can only sell pre-packaged sandwiches.

    Here's how the proposed rolling restaurants would work under the ordinance.

    Trucks must follow set routes, so health inspectors can conduct random inspections. They're required to have at least three sinks and  must sit at least 200 feet from a restaurant and 100 feet from food stores.

    Waguespack touted the proposal as a way to create a "whole new industry" to build upon Chicago's budding foodie reputation.

    "If we have all of our bases covered in terms of health and sanitation, we could have 60 of these trucks start up in the first year," he said. "We could create 500 to 600 jobs right off the bat with a $13.5 million payroll. That's how many people have called to say they're excited about it."