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ComEd Saves Cat Stuck on Utility Pole



    (Published Monday, March 25, 2013)

    A small gray cat was reportedly stranded on top of a utility pole for nearly two days before ComEd agreed to answer residents' pleas to save it.

    Residents near the electrical pole, located in an alley near the intersection of West Addison Street and North Laramie Avenue, noticed the stuck cat early Friday morning and repeatedly called area personnel for help, but received little assistance.

    After attempts at calling Animal Control, ComEd and the non-emergency dispatch line, concerned residents Carlos and Jen Pacheco took to Twitter in search of answers on how to save the small feline.

    ComEd originally said their policy was to secure wires in the area, but that they would not rescue the animal.

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    AT&T reportedly told the residents they do not come out for animals, but a truck arrived early Saturday morning. The truck could not reach the stranded animal, however, and left the scene.

    The cat appeared to have owners as it was wearing a collar but it is unclear as to where it came from, Carlos Pacheco said.

    The couple tried to contact Animal Control several times but their attempts were unsuccessful.

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    It wasn't until Saturday evening that ComEd agreed to come help the stranded cat.